The Bible evolved from the Old Testament to the New Testament.


The Doctrine of Salvation evolved from Legalism to Grace.


Religion evolved from Animism to Polytheism to Monotheism.


Theology evolved from the concept of Tribal God to Universal Father.


The Church continues to evolve under the Holy Spirit’s Direction.


A New Christian evolves into a Mature Christian.


Society has evolved from Savagery to Civilization.


Government has evolved from Family to Tribe to Clan to Kingdom to Nation to United Nations.


Law has evolved from Autocracy to Democracy.


Christ came “in the fulness of time,” i.e., an advanced stage in Earth’s evolution.  He will come again when the evolutionary Plan is complete.


Observations and Conclusions:


“Progressive Revelation” is the theological definition of Religious Evolution - that God reveals Himself by degrees throughout history.

Theistic Evolution is Divinely-Directed Growth or Progress.

The Evidence shows that the Cosmos has evolved according to the Plan and Purpose of God.  This is God’s “Bible” in Nature.

God could have made these things happen all at once, but the Evidence shows that He did not.

God takes what is simple and makes it into something great; He takes what is small and multiplies it - as did Jesus with the loaves and fishes.

Evolution is evidently God’s cosmic Method of Operation.

          It shows a God of Order, Direction, and Purpose.

Man can participate in God’s Plan for Growth, which is a beautiful Method to make the World into His Image.


                                                                                                                   Richard L. Atkins