Eternal Cosmos Theory (The World is uncreated; the Universe has always existed and will never end; Materialistic Evolution.)  This theory was refuted by Philo, who argued that the mountains would all be worn down if the world had always existed.

Big Bang Theory (The Expanding Universe shows that an Explosion took place in a Single Primeval Event: a specific Point and a Time.  The noise of the Explosion still exists as static on astronomers’ listening devices.)

Nebular Creation Theory (Primordial Gases collected to form solid Bodies; Cosmic Evolution - proposed by Laplace, who died in 1827.)

Gæa Principle (The Cosmos is like a Giant Living Being, e.g., mankind pollutes “Mother Earth” and makes her “sick;” the Universe has a Life Force: Elan Vitale - per Henri Bergson; the “World Soul,” Anima Mundi, is God or Mother Nature.)

Anthropic Principle (The universe had to be fine-tuned from the begin-ning in order to produce conditions that would allow life to exist; if conditions had been different the instant after the Big Bang, life would not have emerged - a powerful scientific argument for a Creator.)

Earth Creation Theories:

Collision Creation Theory (Solar System formed when a Body hit the Sun.)

Tidal or Eruption Creation Theory (Solar System formed when there were giant Tides or Eruptions of matter that broke away from the Sun.)

     Nebular Theory (New stars are still being formed as old stars die.)





Creation from Nothing (Ex Nihilo or De Novo):

     Creation by Thought (Nous or Sophia; unconscious Dreaming Deity.)

Creation by Emanation (Lesser Spirits proceeded from the Original Spirit, and the Lowest Spirit produced Matter/Evil - proposed by Oriental or Gnostic dualists.)

     Creation by Decree (Fiat; Magical Evocation: “Let there be...”)

Creation by Word (Logos; Divine “Naming” or “Singing” brought things into Existence.)

Creation by Prime Mover (Primum Mobile; Divine “Dancing” created Motion.)

Creation by Accretion (Foggy Elements from Union of Hot and Cold, or Wet and Dry.)

Creation by Sexual Union (Cosmogony; Mingling of Primordial Forces or Beings; Emergence from the Divine Matrix or Womb of Time; the Divine Spirit as a Dove laid the Cosmic Egg; Procreation of Heavenly Parents; the Heavenly Father begat “Sons of God” - Angels or Spirit Beings.)

Creation by Separation (Chaos separated to give Opposite Primordial Forces - such as Yang and Yin - or Nature Beings, or Dual Realms with opposite qualities.)

Creation by Fabrication (Deus Faber; the Great Architect; a Craftsman Deity using existing materials; not ex nihilo.)

Creation by Secretion (Heavenly Milk, Semen, Urine, Sweat, Saliva.)

Creation by Sacrifice (Dismemberment of a God or Monster, after a Cosmic Conflict, to construct the World from his or her Body.)

Creation by Earth-Diver (A Deity fell from the Sky; or a Deity - as a giant Turtle or Water Bird - descended into the Cosmic Ocean and brought up a Lump of Mud to make the Earth.)

Creation by Coagulation (A Deity stirred the Cosmic Ocean - or churned the Sea of Milk from the Cosmic Cow - to congeal a Lump of Earth.)






    Neither Science nor Religion have fully defined the Ultimate Origin.  There are only Theories or Myths.