1.         Wash the body.


2.         Facial preparation


                  - Close eyes with plastic eye cups

                  - Cotton in mouth

                  - Sew lips together

                  - Local injections to fill out depressions

                  - Wax fill for a damaged face

                  - Comb hair


3.         Embalming


                  - Sever carotid artery and jugular vein in neck;

                        insert tubes

                        (When body is broken from an accident, there are                                             alternate embalming points under armpits and in inner                             thighs.)

                  - Pump embalming fluid (lanolin, formaldehyde, alcohol)                              into artery until all blood is expelled from drain tube in                            jugular vein and fluid comes out clear.  Embalming fluid                          is pink to give the body color.

                  - Tie off artery and vein


4.         Orifice sealing


                  - Cotton plug in anus and vagina; tie off penis.


5.         Cavity evacuation


                  - Pierce abdomen

                  - Pump out body fluids

                  - Pump in embalming fluid


6.         Dress body.


                                                                                                                Quintin Atkins