A recent article in the Orlando Sentinel (Oct. 22) made a case for blacks becoming Muslims, because “with Islam comes the promise of race blindness.”  This is a delusion.  Muslim lands have the worst possible record with regard to mistreatment of black Africans.  In Victorian times, the English made a futile attempt to stop the flow of slaves to Egypt from the Sudan, and Arab slave traders are still stealing black children from villages in that country.


          One claim of Islam is that the pilgrimage to Mecca is supposed to be a special event in which distinctions of class and race disappear.  But, in fact, there is still special rank and privilege given at that religious center to the wealthy and to non-blacks.  Up until slavery was finally made illegal in Saudi Arabia in 1962, pilgrims from the Sudan and Nigeria used to sell their children to wealthy Arabs so they could afford the return trip to their homeland.


          There is a book that anyone interested in Islam should read: Princess by Jean Sasson.  This is an anonymous account given by a female member of the royal family in Saudi Arabia.  Its primary purpose is to show how women are treated in Islam, but it also has a lot to say about slavery.  It is common knowledge that domestic servants are abused and kept in sub-human conditions.  They are made to work a brutal seven-day week, fifty-two weeks a year.


          Militant Isalm has had a negative impact on the quality of life in America, but that is nothing compared to the mistreatment of “lower classed” human beings in Muslim lands.



                                                                             Richard L. Atkins