Blood Sacrifice: bloodletting that is a holdover from infant sacrifice (in which the firstborn son was slain).

Ritualism: “cutting a covenant” with God  (as when Abraham cut animals in half to seal a covenant).

Sexual Superstition: “opening” the male organ for procreation (as with God’s “opening” the barren womb in women).

Primitive Savagery: a puberty rite, shedding blood to make a youth a man and eligible for marriage.

Mutilation: piercing, distending, and cutting the body as is common among savages (Paul told the “circumcision party,” the Judaizers, to “mutilate themselves” and leave others alone.)

Self-Torture: hurting the flesh to heal the spirit (the dualist heresy that the body is evil).

Phallic Purification: a partial cutting off of unholy flesh, i.e., lust (a milder form of castration - as practiced by pagan priests).

Outward Show: a religious mark exhibiting piety (tending toward self-righteousness and hypocrisy).

Exclusivist Act: a setting apart of one man as better than another.

Male Chauvinism: a mark of religious status denied a woman.

Works Religion: the heresy of autosoterism (self-salvation).

Divine Adoption: a bloody brand of ownership by God.

False Confidence: a weak basis for salvation (a dangerous delusion of eternal security).

Infantile Justification: used as an argument for infant baptism (if a Jewish baby is saved by circumcision, then a Christian baby is saved by baptism, and blood flow equals water flow).



The human body is beautiful, functional, and formed just as it should be.  In 1971 the American Academy of Pediatrics said that there is no health benefit from this primitive practice.  If just one baby boy has died from an infection following this operation, that is one too many, and

the Bible is to blame.