PRO                                                  CON


Every family touched by the church              Burden of too many families Identification of “my deacon”                                     per deacon

Every family represented on deacon              Some deacons not gifted in       council                                                        pastoral ministry

Crisis situations can be spotted                     Fits everyone to same mold

                                                                   Deacons become just figureheads

                                                                   Tried many years and often not                                                                     successful





                             PRO                                                  CON


Biblical: ministry to needy people                  Input from all church members not

          - first deacons for widows’ needs                 received

Recognizes spiritual gifts of individuals         Sunday School may not minister to     - fits the man with the job                    its class members

Allows freedom to switch teams                   Duplicates some church committees

Voluntary choice, more enjoyment                Team Leader must motivate and Variety of areas of service                                     assign tasks and keep all

Addresses problem areas                             members involved

Allows help from non-deacons                     Families need routine visits from Ministries can be added or dropped                      the church

Concrete things are accomplished                 On-call teams have periods of little Deacons become efficient specialists                           activity

Deacons can serve in more than one area