1.  Inerrancy of Scripture

Multiple definitions of “Inerrancy” range from “Verbal Dictation” to “Simple Biblicism.”

Usually includes “Infallibility,” which means no moral errors.

This first article is more important than all the rest.

Fundamentalism is the heresy of Book worship.


2.  Deity of Christ

His Virgin Birth, Resurrection, Second Coming.

Belief in the Deity of Christ is secondary to Belief in Inerrancy.

(This breaks the Second Commandment to put nothing before God - which makes it “bibliolatry.”)

        • Note that mainline Protestant Articles of Faith also make this error by placing the Article on the Bible before the Article on God.


3.  Interpretation of the Bible: Strict and Literal

Six-day Creation and a Young Earth (just a few thousand years old).

Adam a Real Person; Reality of Giants, Dragons, Flying Serpents.

A Universal Flood in Historical Time.

Divine Racist Bias favoring the Jews and Slaughter of Innocents.

Authority of Pastors over People and Husbands over Wives.

Premillennial Eschatology (pessimistic depravity and doom).


4.  Acceptance of Superstition

Reality of Witches and the Occult and Emphasis on Demons.

Radical Adventism, Doomsday in this Present Generation.

Conspiracy Theories about Takeover Groups: Communists, Jews, Catholics, Masons, blacks, feminists, homosexuals, financial empires, United Nations, etc.


5.  Opposition to Scholarship

Anti-intellectualism.  (The Bible is the only safe book to read.)

Intolerance, Sectarianism, Provincialism.

Pat Answers to Complex Problems.

Preference for the King James Bible.

Anti-Scientific Views on the Origins of Man, of Races, of Languages, of Trades, of Religions, of Scriptures.


6.  Ultra-Conservative Politics