Wars will never cease.


Poverty will always exist.


Moral conditions will never improve.


Human depravity will become even worse.


Man must always work six days every week.


Slavery will always be normal for inferior classes.


Women will always remain inferior to men.


Execution will be proper for even minor crimes.


Theocratic religion must always be over government.


Unified religion and government is evil (Antichrist).


Knowledge (from the forbidden Tree) leads to evil.


Books beside the Bible confuse and corrupt minds.


Earthquakes, famine, and disease will grow worse.


Mankind’s civilization is doomed to destruction.


This evil world will end soon in a fiery cataclysm.





          The Bible is generally progressive and culture-enriching, but it also has an antiquated outlook on social conditions.  Backwardness and barbarities have been defended by Bible literalists, and their narrow viewpoint has stifled many attempts at human progress.

          Most of the predictions listed above are already disproved or obsolete.  Jesus said, “Greater things shall you do.”  Thus, optimism is the proper Christian perspective on life, because God is in control of human destiny and social progress.  His will be done!


                                                                                    Richard L. Atkins