††††††††††† The truth of a doctrine can be tested by the following criteria, which are arranged in descending order of significance.To be valid, a belief should satisfy most of these criteria.



††††††††††† Confirmation of the goodness of God.


2.Progressive Revelation

††††††††††† Clearest truth is found in the latest Scripture.


3.Weight of Scripture

††††††††††† A doctrine is more firm when supported by many texts.


4.Logic (or Rationality)

Godís intelligence, while not wholly comprehensible by man, should not violate rational principles.


5.Consensus of the Church (or Tradition)

††††††††††† The majority view of Christendom is likely to be orthodox.


6.Experience (or Empirical Observation)

††††††††††† Examples from life.These may influence Logic, above.


7.Intuition (or Spiritual Revelation)

††††††††††† Personal feelings.These may influence Logic, above.


8.Source of Scripture

What is the ultimate extra-canonical origin of the biblical text?

If the source is pagan, pre-scientific, or spurious, the Bible passage is not usually trustworthy.


Truth or Falsehood in the Bible can be determined by applying these eight tools of analysis.