Reading the Great Books, the Classics:

        - developing a fine library for study and reference.


Teaching advanced studies in Theology:

        - leading deep, challenging, hence controversial,                             seminars and classes

        - promoting fidelity to the Baptist heritage and                                 rebuttal of Fundamentalism

        - collection and use of file material to support my                            teaching and writing.


Writing and Publishing Books and Papers:

        - use of handout materials in classes and for general                        distribution.


Promoting Political Liberalism and World Federalism:

        - taking part in United Nations meetings, education,                         and advocacy in order to make the world a better                     place

        - supporting Amnesty International in combating                             human rights violations.


Engaging in Religious Activism:

        - promoting meetings and publications of the                                  Cooperative Baptist Fellowship

        - defining church polity, organization, and activities

        - engaging in benevolent visitation for my church

        - going on mission trips for my church.


Preserving personal Memories and Activities:

        - creating scrapbooks and photo albums.


Promoting Family Togetherness:

        - drawing the family together in all kinds of activities

        - inviting them to attend classes and functions in which I                        am engaged - so they can know me better.


Enjoying eclectic Entertainment:

        - viewing movies or plays of all types

        - eating foods of all types.                             Richard L. Atkins