The Law of the Sea:  The worldwide govenment will make and enforce laws regulating maritime commerce, shipping, navigation, harbor rights, and fishing rights.  By a worldwide regulation of allow-able catches and fishing techniques, the world will halt the depletion of various species of fish in the world’s waters as well as the need-less killing of porpoises in large commercial nets.  Not only will ships be forbidden to discharge pollutants in the waters, nations will no longer be permitted to dump untreated sewage, chemical pollutants, insecticides, and disease-causing bacteria into the oceans.  No tanker will be permitted on the world’s waterways without a double hull or accident-precluding safety mechanisms.


The Law of the Skies:  Not only will the safety and dimensions of world aviation be protected and regulated, there will be laws pre-venting air pollution from automobile emissions, power plants, chem-ical factories, steel mills, paper mills, and the like.  No nation will be allowed to use ozone-depleting chemicals or generate any other emissions beyond a specific level.  No one will be allowed to pollute the air that the people of the world, its plants, and its animal life must breathe.  Also, laws related to space travel, human habitation in space stations, and the dangerous accumulation of space junk will be made and enforced.


The Law of Land and Forest:  All plant life will be treated as the heritage of the human race, and no trees will be cut for lumber or fuel unless it is according to the global forestry plan.  Rain forests with their valuable exotic and medicinal plants will be preserved inviolate as “the lungs of the world.”  A global plan will be developed to protect land from erosion, mud slides, and the silting of rivers and harbors.

            There will be a global law to protect fish and marine life, wild animals, and birds.  The ecological balance of the earth will be pre-served irrespective of national boundaries.  There will be an alloca-tion of land for use in agriculture, urban dwelling, and industry.  There will be restrictions not only on the use of land, but on the quantity of land that individuals or enterprises could use.  All land will be considered the patrimony of all people and will be allocated for term use according to the global plan.

            There will be detailed regulations forbidding the use of harm-ful pesticides on the land, as well as worldwide laws regulating the transportation and storage of chemical and industrial waste and the safety of industrial factories, nuclear power plants, oil drilling, oil wells, etc.


The Law of Energy Conservation:  Fossil fuels will be regarded as a diminishing world resource, so worldwide laws will be enacted to prohibit wasteful energy practices in industry, transportation, and private residences.  Stringent mileage requirements will be levied on automobiles along with subsidies to develop electric automobiles, al-ternate power sources, and safe, cheap nuclear power.  Of course, the eventual development and use of fusion power sources will make all other sources of energy obsolete and will thus serve to rid the world of major causes of global pollution.


The Law of Industry and Agriculture:  Worldwide output will be regulated to prevent overproduction, dumping, and economic fluctuations.  Agriculture will be strictly controlled so that only needed supplies of food are available, and to avoid the buildup of massive agricultural surpluses.

            There will be strict standards of industrial safety for workers along with a guaranteed minimum wage for workers, guaranteed health benefits, and guaranteed retirement.

            World standards will be set to warrant product quality and safety.  No food or drug and no industrial or consumer product will be sold that does not meet world standards.

            Price controls will be in effect for most of the necessities of life.  Costs of health care will be limited under a World Medical Board that will certify physicians, who in turn will be employed with regulated wages under a government-operated health care system.

            The growing, manufacturing, selling, and using of “recreational” drugs and tobacco will be prohibited.

            Payments for damages arising out of industrial accidents, product defects, traffic accidents, and medical malpractice will be limited to specific amounts only.  Severe penalties will be imposed on lawyers and clients making frivolous claims.

            All customs duties will be eliminated, as well as all immigration laws.  All people will be registered as citizens of the world and will be free to live and work wherever they wish.  A World Peoples Bu-reau will monitor sectional needs for more or fewer workers as well as worldwide migratory patterns.


The Law of Credit and Finance:  There will be one world curren-cy, backed by a central world bank.  This bank will have the author-ity to expand or contract the money supply of the world to permit industrial growth or to prohibit inflation.

            There will be no currency imbalances, and all prices will be quoted in the world currency.  The central bank will, in turn, charter various world banks and will make currency and credit available at a “discount window” to its affiliate branches, which will in turn regu-late smaller member banks.  This banking arrangement will monitor and eliminate currency imbalances, misallocations of credit, and dis-parities of wealth.  All peoples everywhere will be guaranteed abun-dant world credit, a guaranteed world currency, and an inflation-free environment.

            Most industrial corporations will be organized on a worldwide basis.  Therefore, there will be a world stock exchange regulated by the world bank with industrial shares trading in world currency units.  The world stock market will be in session twenty-four hours a day as trading will begin in Tokyo, continue in India, the Middle East, Europe, the East Coast of America, the West Coast of America, and finally end the twenty-four-hour cycle in Honolulu.


The Law of Arms and Aggression:  No nation will be allowed to take aggressive action against another, under penalty of severe sanc-tions.  All chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons will be banned.  Only such arms as would be necessary for local police functions will be permitted.

            The World Human Rights Organization will prohibit human rights abuses against any citizen of the world. Torture, terrorism, and state oppression will be prohibited.  Human rights abuses will be rec-tified under the ζgis of the World Court.  Obviously, genocide will be prohibited and prevented.


                The following observation was made in 1970 by a respected Methodist minister from Texas named Gaston Foote.  It is just as true today as when it was first written:


        It is world government or world anarchy ...Most of the nations, including the United States, have refused to abide by the mandates of the U.N.  The U.N. has not failed.  We the participating nations have failed the U.N.  We haven’t surrendered authority to make war.