††††††††† One Democratic Global Government

††††††††† Universal Law (with regional nuances, e.g., desert, forest, arctic)

††††††††† Universal Human Rights (providing Freedom, Justice, and Peace)

††††††††† One Army (Peacekeeping Forces with Uniform Codes of Conduct)

††††††††† World Criminal Court

††††††††† One Humane Penal System

††††††††† Global Economy and Currency

††††††††† One Treasury and Central World Bank

††††††††† One World Citizenship (with Freedom of Travel or Migration)

††††††††† One Religion(One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism, One God and Father of us all...) *

††††††††† Uniform Code of Ethics

††††††††† One Language

††††††††† Human Race (inclusive of all ethnic groupings and gradual merging)

††††††††† One Culture (with sectional nuances)

††††††††† Equal Opportunity Employment

††††††††† Global Ecology (with Conservation of Water, Energy, Environment)



††††††††† Standardized and Simplified Calendar

††††††††† Standardized Weights and Measures

††††††††† Standardized Building Codes

††††††††† Standardized Maritime, Aviation, and Space Regulations

††††††††† Standardized Postal and Telecommunications Regulations

††††††††† Standardized Judicial Rulings and Sentences

††††††††† Standardized Traffic Laws and Driversí Licenses

††††††††† (Traffic on the same side of the road)

††††††††† Standardized Medical Care, Health, Welfare, Charity

††††††††† (with Equitable Distribution of Surpluses)

††††††††† Standardized Food and Drug Safety Laws

††††††††† Standardized Marital and Reproductive Regulations

††††††††† Standardized Education (with allowances for Experimentation)



††††††††† Encouragement of Open-minded Research in Science and Philosophy

††††††††† Encouragement of Free Debate and Rational Innovation

††††††††† Freedom of the Press, Speech, and Assembly

††††††††† Tolerance for Individual Tastes and Aptitudes

††††††††† Diversity in Art, Literature, Dress, and Leisure Activities


*The Bible, Ephesians 4:5