††††††††† Throughout history human society has been advancing steadily through stages of sibling rivalry: from conflict to competition to cooperation.And just as surely as a river flows over all obstacles to the sea, there seems to be an unremitting pressure toward universal harmony.Now whether this pressure comes from outside the process (Providential influence) or is an inherent part of the process itself (Mechanistic inclination) has often been debated.But in either case, for the believer it is still apparent that the ultimate will of God is being realized.


††††††††† There is overwhelming evidence of the progression of civilization toward a unified world, and if this flow of history is understood to be the work of God, then it must be seen as just one more manifestation of cosmic evolution, specif-ically, theistic (God-directed) evolution.To believe otherwise, that society is doomed to depravity, decay, decline, and destruction, is to forego belief in an omnipotent Overseer of the process of history.


††††††††† The great scientist Blaise Pascal, who was also a devout Christian, put it this way:


How fine it is to see, with the eyes of faith, Darius and Cyrus, Alexander, the Romans, Pompey and Herod working, without knowing it, for the glory of the Gospel!


††††††††† God moves history by motivating the human heart.He injects into the mind of man those powerful catalysts of progressive change: love, mercy, and goodness.These factors bring about better laws, better social standards, and better human conduct.Given such cosmic orientation, it would be impossible for the world to remain forever divided into warring camps, misanthropic schools of thought, and antagonistic ethnic parties.


††††††††† If God is good, it is inevitable that some of His divine righteousness should rub off on His universe.And this will create a steady influence on the affairs of mankind.Thus, in the long run, Providential influence will surely drive humanity toward one final result: the realization of One World under the sovereignty of One God.