In recent times there has been an accession to powerful posi-tions by Fundamentalists all over the world, bringing militancy and acrimony into previously peaceful societies.  Universal strife has re-sulted from the abandonment of humane, tolerant, and peace-loving attitudes, even in some of the most civilized areas of human habita-tion.  Extremists are taking over the control of major religions and cultures and stamping out all opposition once their hold is secure.  Governments have been skewed to right-wing positions on military buildup, super-patriotism, repressive censorship, minimal education, unprotected minority rights, and curtailed charities.


            Muslims are intent on turning back the clock and continuing to live in a substandard society of repressive regulations and grinding poverty.  The Pope has dug in his heels and refused to move his Church into the twentieth century.  Baptists have inaugurated a witch-hunt that would eliminate anyone who disbelieves that the Bible is perfectly free of all mistakes and errors, as though it was dropped out of the sky.


            When Jimmy Carter was President, neanderthals posing as journalists and completely devoid of humane feelings persisted in condemning his devotion to the issue of human rights, which was beyond their ken.  Even now, detractors of the United Nations shut their eyes to all the magnificent accomplishments of that body and refuse to acknowledge the great progress that has been made in ele-vating the living standards and the hopes of mankind.


            Redneck resurgence has revitalized the Ku Klux Klan, and school books are being burned by myopic philistines across the nation.  Provincial prejudice is infecting every cultural group.  The tide of immigrants, refugees, and new settlers in any area is re-sented, as everybody greedily clutches at financial prosperity with-out regard to the good of all.


            It is the heyday of the Huns, the eclipse of reason.  And since so many people are intent on returning modern society to the Dark Ages, it makes one wonder what was so great about that particular time in history?  True, it was called “the Age of Faith,” but for “faith” read “superstition.”  If you read your history  book, you will find that it was a terrible period, beset with fear, bigotry, inquisitions, religi-ous massacres, and the suppression of the mind.  Look at India.  Gandhi, like Khomeini, stifled the modernization of his nation, and millions are still paying the price of his regressive leadership.


            There is no repression like that of a leader who assumes in-errancy for either himself or his cause.  And rulership of such a self-righteous tyrant is a form of death, a snuffing out of the human spi-rit, and a chaining of the soul in the depths of the dungeon of des-pair.  May God have mercy on those who must continue to exist un-der the evil heel of Fundamentalism in this world!