“Who guards the guardians?”


                                                 60-140 A.D.


            Law enforcement needs to get its act together.  People are getting fed up with police brutality, immoral scams, and outright planting of evidence that are now being employed.  Instances of strong-arm tactics like the Waco massacre and the killing of the militant Weaver family’s members seem to justify the arming of citizens against intrusion by arrogant Gestapo troops.  The seizure of money from innocent people just suspected of being drug carriers along interstate highways is another case in point.


            Female police officers posing as hookers and enticing men into evil is about as low as you can get.  (This country needs laws against entrapment and any other practices that break the law in order to enforce it.)  Also, harassment of the general public with speed traps instead of patrolling high crime areas is a case of misplaced priorities.  (When speed limits are set too low, everyone becomes a criminal.)


            My experiences with security guards and law enforcement personnel has shown me that their narrow way of reasoning does not allow any room for judgment or discretion when it means deviating from the letter of the law.  I have also observed that this type of work attracts playground bullies who never grew up, who take force as the first answer to any problem, and who get pleasure from swaggering around with a big gun on their hips.  The reason they are effective against criminals is because they think like their prey.  I am not a fan of cop movies, because too often I just see one kind of crook fighting another.


            To me policemen (like soldiers) are necessary to an orderly society.  They do a job that I certainly would not care to do.  And I am aware that meeting force with force is the only thing that lowlife criminals understand.  But living in such a sleazy environment must be a corrupting element in itself.  That is why proper training should be given to teach society’s guardians to restrain their tendencies to victimize everyone not wearing their uniform.  Until this happens, I’ll put up with them but certainly show them no respect.



                                                                                                Richard L. Atkins