Conspiracy theorists believe that subversive movements threaten to seize total control over human institutions in order to enslave mankind.  Typically, these people are radical (ultra-conservative), paranoid (fear mongering), ethnocentric (“us” versus “them”), and cultic (following some fiery demagogue).


                In other times in history these people have been known as doomsday prophets.  Within the Christian community they are anti-intellectual, pessi-mistic, premillennial apocalyptics.  The chief features of their belief are:


                a. The world is doomed and going to the dogs.


                b. Sinister motives are ascribed to existing institutions or movements: One-World Government, an ecumenical Super Church, the World Bank, the Trilateral Commission, “mad scientists,” wealthy Jews, Freemasons, advocates of population control, philanthropic organizations, and liberal humanitarians in general.


                c. Modern innovations are feared: fluoridation of water, electronic surveillance, birth control methods, paper money.


                d. Harsh measures, puritanical censorship, and militant laws are advocated.


                e. A savior is needed: either Christ Himself or a Christ figure.


                f. A counter-conspiracy is formed under their own powerful, charis-matic leader such as: Brigham Young, J. F. Rutherford, Adolf Hitler, R. J. Rush-doony, Adrian Rogers, David Koresh, etc.


                The Book of Revelation, taken literally, feeds conspiracy theory.  At the time it was written, powerful Roman institutions (the emperor, the state high priest, the senate, mystery religions, cynical philosophy, degraded human standards) threatened the Church.  The Book of Revelation envisioned a Satanic union of these elements in the last days, leading to a final worldwide holocaust (Armageddon) before Christ returned and defeated the evil forces.  This scenario has fit in well with doomsday philosophies in every age of history since the Revelation was written.


                Having said all this, it must be admitted that conspiracy theorists may be right!  It is possible that a powerful institution could gain worldwide power.


                Enlightened humanity must gamble that they are wrong.  Worldwide coalitions and institutions are necessary to human prosperity and peace.  The global community cannot survive unless it eventually establishes a permanent United Nations, trade agreements, a world bank, international laws, centralized legislatures, global health enterprises, and world police forces.