“Ethnic cleansing” is the current euphemism for genocide, which also encompasses wholesale slaughter, mass murder, annihilation of people groups, and the massacre of “inferior” populations.  When one group of people butchers another, they like to use mild language in justifying their deeds to human society.


            Butchery goes a long way back in the early history of the killer ape.  In the annals of the human race, many subhuman species became extinct, and they were probably killed off by more advanced hominoids.  It has even been postulated that the human brain developed from this intense competition among human types - in a time of “kill or be killed.”


            It is likely that the Neanderthals were wiped out by brainier Cro Magnon men about one million years ago.  Other such episodes in the history of mankind are as follows:



Conquest of Canaan by the Hebrews.                                                                         1450

            This was the first recorded “holocaust” (whole burnt offering).

            The invaders killed every living thing in a city when it fell.

            The Bible says, “they utterly destroyed all in the city,

            both men and women, young and old, oxen, sheep, and

            asses, with the edge of the sword” (Joshua 6:21, also Deuter-

            onomy 2:30,34, 7:2, 28:63, 1 Samuel 15:3).*


Annihilation of the Trojans by the Mycenæan Greeks (Trojan War)                      1190


Hebrew tribal conflict in which 25,000 men of the Benjamin                            c. 1150

            tribe were killed by their kinsmen (Judges 20:46).


Deportation of the Northern Tribes of Israel by Assyria.                              723

            This Diaspora (Dispersion) was permanent for the “Lost Tribes,”

            which remain in exile or assimilated to other cultures to this day.


Destruction of Carthage by Rome.                                                                   146

            The despised city was razed and salt sewn into its soil.



The Great Revolt of Israel against Rome                                                                66-70

            left a million Jews dead and their Temple destroyed.


The Bar Cochba Rebellion of Israel against Rome                                             132-135

            resulted in the closing of Jerusalem to all Jews

            and a new Diaspora that only ended with the

            founding of the nation of Israel in 1948.


*Bible archæologist Dr. James Strange estimated 6,000 inhabitants in Megiddo when it fell to the Hebrews.  So, on an average, each time a Canaanite city was conquered, approximately this number of people were annihilated.  (Note: By New Testament times the capitol city of Jerusalem had a population of 90,000.)

Slaughter of Europeans by the Huns earned them the title                                420-450

            “Scourge of God.”  Some of the greatest cities of Europe

            were sacked and burned, including Rheims, Mainz, Worms,

            Cologne, and Trier.  South of the Danube there was so

            much killing that no one could number the dead.


Jewish males numbering 600 to 700 people were beheaded                                     627

            at the command of Muhammad, and a woman from among

            these captives was added to his harem.  This is just one

            documented example of wholesale slaughter by Muslims.


Arabic conquest of northern India                                                         997-1398

            The two dates refer to the conquests of Mahmud and

            Tamerlane.  It has been said that “the Mohammedan

            conquest of India is probably the bloodiest story in history.”*

            A mountain range in India is called the Hindu Kush

            (“Hindu Killer”), because Muslims killed any Hindu who

            turned up in that vicinity.


Slaughter of the inhabitants of Jerusalem by Crusaders.                              1099

            These “liberators” even killed Christian Arabs.


Arab lands overrun by Mongols.                                                                       1219-1303

            Entire cities were depopulated and heads piled in bloody

            pyramids.  Representative of these cities and their slain were:

            Bokhara - 30,000, Merv - 1,300,000, Herat - 60,000, Baghdad -

            800,000.  Mishapur and Rayy inhabitants were exterminated.


Expulsion of Jews from England.                                                                               1290


Spanish Catholic execution of Protestants, Jews, and heretics                    1480-1834

            amounted to 32,000 souls (according to Fox’s Book

            of Martyrs).


Expulsion of Jews from Spain.                                                                                   1492


Annihilation and enslavement of Caribbean natives                                         after 1492

            by Spanish conquerors


Annihilation of native American tribes through                                               after 1492

            warfare, starvation, and disease


Witchcraft, the wiccanist religion, condemned by an act in England.                     1542

            An estimated 500,000 people were executed as witches

            in Europe between the fourteenth and seventeenth centuries.

            Many innocent persons were put to death by burning, hanging,

            or drowning.  As late as 1768, John Wesley maintained that to

            permit a witch to live was to surrender belief in the Bible.


*The Story Of Civilization, Vol 1, by Will Durant, p. 459

French Catholic slaughter of Protestant Huguenots all over France,         1572 - 1600

            beginning with the Saint Bartholomew’s Day Massacre,

            killed 100,000 and caused 800,000 to flee to other countries.


Japanese Christians massacred.                                                                        1614-1638

            The Shinto-Buddhist shogun forbade Christian missionary

            activity in 1614 and instituted violent persecution.  A remnant

            group of 37,000 gathered in one fortification in 1638 and all

            but 105 of them were slaughtered.


Irish Catholics revolted and killed English Protestants.                                           1641

            John Milton in his “First Defense of the State of England”

            wrote of over 200,000 slain.  In Fox’s Book of Martyrs,

            the number given was 150,000, along with gruesome

            details of their tortures and mutilations.


England invaded Ireland in retaliation for Catholic slaughters.                   1651

            Oliver Cromwell directed the killing of all inhabitants in

            the city of Drogheda, about 3,000 people, so that other

            cities would quickly surrender.  He justified this action on

            the basis of the Old Testament practice of killing every

            soul in a pagan city.

            (Jews were legally readmitted to England under Cromwell’s

            patronage in 1664.)


French and Italian Catholics perpetrated the Waldensian martydoms      .   1655-1689

            During the seventeenth century the community of the

            Protestant Waldenses was reduced from 20,000 people

            to a remnant of 300 men.  In the Piedmont Easter

            Massacre of 1655, the French army killed 1,712 people.

            Hearing of the atrocities, John Milton wrote his poem

            “On the Late Massacre in Piedmont,” that began:

            “Avenge O Lord thy slaughtered Saints, whose bones

            Lie scattered on the Alpine mountains cold...”

            In 1686, the Duke of Savoy killed 2,000 and imprisoned

            8,000 out of which half died.  In their winter’s flight to

            Geneva, 310 out of the party of 2,800 perished in the

            mountains.  Upon their return to their homeland, in 1689

            a small army of 900 was reduced to just 300 men.


During the Greeks’ struggle for independence from the Ottoman                1821-1829

            Empire, both sides carried out mutual extermination:

                 Muslims were killed and expelled from Greek territories.

                 Greeks were killed and expelled from Muslim territories.

            In 1923, Greece and Turkey agreed to the resettlement of

            two million Greeks and eight hundred thousand Turks.




Persia slaughtered Baha’i faith members and drove them into exile.            since 1844

            Between 1844 and 1863, 20,000 were slain.  After

            the Islamic Revolution of 1992, there remained 3,500

            Baha’is, and they were still the largest minority group

            in Iran - larger than the Jewish, Zoroastrian, and

            Christian communities combined.  They are still persecuted.


Mormons massacred a wagon train of 127 people bound for California    1857

            at Mountain Meadows, Utah.  Eighteen children were kidnapped

            and raised as Mormons.


Thousands of Christians were killed in Damascus                                        1860

            and the Christian quarter of the city was burned.


United States soldiers massacred 300 Sioux Indians at Wounded Knee,               1890

            South Dakota, on orders to just disarm them.


Slaughter of Armenians by the Ottoman Turks:                                              1895-1915

            80,000 killed in 1895.

            6,000 killed in 1896.

            600,000 killed and 600,000 deported in 1915.

            (Mass deportation began on April 24, 1915.)

            Total deaths are estimated at 1,500,000.

               (Turkey supported Germany in the First World War,

               but the Armenians sided with the Allies.)


In Ireland, the Irish Republican Army (Catholic) and the                   since 1921

            Ulster Defense Association (Protestant) have committed

            terrorist acts and assassinated hundreds of people.


Communists under Joseph Stalin killed between 25 and 62 million            1924-1953

            Russians.  Three million Ukranians were starved to death.


Japanese troops carried out the “Rape of Nanking,” a Chinese city.                       1937

            The butchery of 300,000 Chinese civilians and thousands of

            surrendered soldiers was called “the most appalling single

            episode of barbarism in a century replete with horrors.”


The holocaust of Nazi Germany killed 5,700,000 Jews and                         1939-1945

            200,000 Gypsies, as well as Slavs, homosexuals, the feeble

            minded, and communists - to a total of 11,000,000 people.


Americans dropped atomic bombs on two Japanese cities, Hiroshima                  1945

            and Nagasaki, killing 210,000 people.  (This was a massive killing

            of a particular race but not for the purpose of genocide.)


Poland and Czechoslovakia expelled three million Germans from their    1945

            territories after the Second World War.


Muslims killed 1.5 million Bengali Hindus in East Pakistan after the                   1947

            partition of India.  By the end of 1948, 6,600,000 Muslims

            left India for Pakistan, and 5,600,000 non-Muslims crossed

            into India from Pakistan.


In North Korea, the government has killed 1.6 million people.                    since 1948


Communist massacres directed by Mao Tse Tung.  In China’s                     1949-1976

            “Great Leap Forward” purge, 25 million Chinese were

            killed.  Communist purges in China were “one of the

            largest intense persecutions of Christians in history.”

            In 1997, China reported executing more of its citizens

            than the rest of the world combined.  Many not reported.


Murder of 1,200,000 Tibetans and mass influx of Chinese                            after 1950

            people in order to change the racial balance.  All but

            13 of Tibet’s 6,254 monasteries were destroyed, and

            the Dalai Lama went into exile, along with 135,000

            other refugees.


The Guatemalan government killed 2.5 million Mayan Indians.       1960-1996


American troops under Lt. William Calley killed 22 inhabitants in                        1968

            the village of My Lai, Vietnam, on March 16.


Uganda under dictator Idi Amin suffered horrendous human                         1971-1979

            rights violations, which led to the death of 250,000 people.


Turkey invaded Cyprus, killing 5,000 Greeks, as they occupied                 1974

            the northern third of the island.


Cambodian Communists, the Khmer Rouge, killed 1.7                                1975-1978

            million of their countrymen, including educated

            people, members of religious groups (Buddhist,

            Muslim, Christian), and ethnic minorities (Cham,

            Thai, Vietnamese).  Another million died from slave

            labor and malnutrition.  Extermination camp directives

            ordered, “Bullets are not to be wasted,” so people were

            beaten to death.


Sri Lanka (Ceylon) civil war between Tamil Hindus and Sinhalese               since 1984

            Buddhists employed suicide bombers.


Muslims in the Sudan have murdered or starved two million                        since 1989

            Christians and animists.  Women and children have been

            sold into slavery and focibly converted.  The goal is to

            “eradicate non-Islamic religion.”  In 2000, the U. S.

            Holocaust Memorial Museum issued the first genocide

            warning for any nation beyond Europe.

Iranian author Salman Rushdie was given a death sentence by                     1989

            the Muslim clergy after he published The Satanic Verses.


Chinese Communist massacre of hundreds of students                                           1989

            in democratic demonstrations in Tiananmen Square


India-Pakistan region experienced riots after Hindus destroyed a                          1992

            Muslim mosque.  Over 2,000 killed.


Muslim militants bombed New York’s Word Trade Center, first floor,    1993

            killing six people and injuring a thousand.


In Rwanda, tribal genocide between Hutu and Tutsi people                                     1994

            killed 750,000 people.  Tutsis dominated the government

            and then fled the country as the Hutu majority began a

            hundred-day slaughter.  This ended July 1994 when the

            extremist Hutu government was overthrown.


Serb militants killed 8,000 Muslim men and boys in Srebrenica, Bosnia.             1995


Muslim militants slaughtered 62 tourists in Luxor, Egypt.                                      1997


Muslim militants bombed United States embassies in Kenya                                 1998

            and Tanzania, killing 224 people.


Serbs killed 10,000 Kosovar Albanians in Yugoslavia.                                            1999

            Total of “ethnic cleansing” was 200,000 dead and

            two million displaced.


Russians killed 40,000 Muslim rebels in Chechnya.                                                1999

            Christians were evacuated after church leaders were killed.


In Nigeria, the slaughter of the Christian Ibos allowed Muslims     1966-1970

            to take over the government.  One million killed in civil war.


In Indonesia, Islamic troops killed 500,000 Indonesians                  1999-2000

            and 200,000, mostly Christians, in East Timor.

            Five hundred churches were destroyed.


Iraq and Turkey attempted to exterminate the Kurds.                                               1999

            The Iraqi ruler, Saddam Hussein razed 3,000 villages

            and drove the survivors into the desert or into Turkey.

            He used poison gas against the Kurdish town of

            Halabja, killing 5,000 people. The Turks killed 40,000 Kurds.


Muslim militants destroyed both towers of the New York                                      2001

            World Trade Center, killing about 2,800 people.

            Also they destroyed a section of the Pentagon in

            Washington, D.C., killing 189 people, and crashed an

            airplane in Pennsylvania with 44 passengers on board.




            Groups committing the most terrorist attacks between 1988 and 1998.



            1.  PKK, the Kurdistan Workers Party                                            3575

            2.  Armed Islamic Group, Algeria                                                    2067

            3.  National Liberation Army, Colombia                                        1817

            4.  Islamic extremists, Algeria                                                         1794

            5.  Shining Path, Peru                                                                        1364

            6.  FARC, Colombia                                                                          1329

            7.  ETA, the Basques in Spain                                                           1140

            8.  Irish Republican Army                                                                 1125

            9.  Dev Sol, Turkey                                                                               530

          10.  Tupac Amaru, Peru                                                                         446



            In 1999, repressive nations were listed by various agencies as follows:


  U. S. State Dept.      Human Rights Commission             Open Doors Internatl.


            China                             China                                          Saudi Arabia

            Iran                                 Cuba                                Afghanistan

            Iraq                                 Iran                                              Sudan

            Myanmar (Burma)        Iraq                                              China

            Sudan                                                                                 Yemen







President G. W. Bush has singled out Iran, Iraq, and N. Korea as an “axis of evil.”


America’s Recent Record:


Bombing of Qaddafi’s enclave in Tripoli killed his infant daughter,                       1986

            as well as other children and adults.


Invasion of Panama City killed 600 civilians                                                            1989


Bombing of Mogadishu, Somalia, after loss of 15 U. S. soldiers                           1993

            killed over 1,000 civilians


Attempted extermination of Al Qaeda militants has killed 400 to 600      after 2001

            civilians in Afghanistan.



*U.S. News & World Report, 3-1-99.



            As members of the United Nations, most countries in the world have formally subscribed to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, five articles of which read as follows:


            Article 5.  No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.


            Article 9.  No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention, or exile.


            Article 18.  Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.


            Article 20.  Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association.  No one may be compelled to belong to an association.


            Despite what many nations state publicly, it is common knowlege that they, in fact, thumb their noses at these humanitarian principles and dare any outside body to interfere with their internal policies of repression and outright cruelty perpetuated against their own people.  In the past, any nations or peoples who have disregarded rules of simple decency have earned for themselves perpetual execration as uncivilized brutes and barbarians.  Unfortunately, many rules of decent behavior are now being deliberately disregarded, and even in this enlightened age, acts of violence against innocent people have reached sub-human levels.


            Genocide is the world’s worst human rights problem.  More than 170 million people were murdered in the twentieth century by their own governments on the basis of ethnic, national, religious, racial, or political affiliation - more than all wars combined.


            Because genocide is almost always carried out by a country’s own armed forces, the usual national systems of law and order cannot stop it.  International intervention is usually required.  But because the world lacks an international rapid response force, many cases of genocide have gone unchecked.


            The World Federalist Association has attempted to address this problem  in their “Campaign to End Genocide” with its six goals as follows:


            1. Establishment of the International Criminal Court, coupled with the political will to arrest and try those who commit genocide.


            2. An effective early-warning system to alert the world, and especially the U. N. Security Council, to potential ethnic conflict and genocide.


            3. Reform of the veto in the U. N. Security Council and/or action by the General Assembly under the Uniting for Peace Resolution when Security Council action is blocked by the veto.


            4. A powerful United Nations rapid response force under Articles 43-48 of the U. N. Charter.


            5. Full payment of U. N. assessments and reliable funding for U. N. peacekeeping.


            6. The provision of public information on the nature of genocide and its prevention.


            The crime of genocide can be ended if the world gets sufficiently fed up with atrocities to empower the United Nations to deal quickly and firmly with such occurences wherever they may appear and without regard to the objections of offending governments.



                                                                                                Richard L. Atkins


                                                                                                United Nations Assn.

                                                                                                Greater Orlando Chapter