In the course of human history there have been several pivotal events that have caused man to be what he is today.  For example, it would be difficult to imagine what America would be like had the South won the Civil War.  To me the most amazing circumstances of man’s story can be divided into history’s fortunes and tragedies as follows:


               FORTUNES                                           TRAGEDIES


Zoroastrian Influence on Judaism                 The Crucifixion of Christ

             560 - 350 B.C.                                               27 A.D.


Christianity’s Entry into Europe                  The Burning of the Library

                 50 A.D.                                                  of Alexandria, 642 A.D.


Arabic Influence on the Crusaders              The Catholic Inquisition

            1095 - 1270 A.D.                                       1200 - 1500 A.D.


Protection of Martin Luther by                         The Mongol Request for

      the Ruler of Saxony                                       Missionaries Rejected

                1520 A.D.                                           1275 A.D.


Success of the American Revolution             The Chinese Opium Wars

                1781 A.D.                                         1839- 1842 A.D.


                                                                   League of Nations Failure

                                                                               1920 A.D.


          How different things would be if these “chance” happenings had yielded reverse results!  Of course, the Crucifixion must remain the chief tragedy of history, but it was part of God’s paradoxical nature to make it into history’s most fortunate event as well.  The very term for “crucial” events has reference to the “cross.”

                                                                                      Richard L. Atkins